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Come to El Puerto de Santa María and dive in to the pleasures offered by the beaches, environment, history,  monuments, vines,  gastronomy and other activities.  


The beaches: with more than 16 kms of fine sand, divided in to beaches of different kinds, from the more urbans (Puntilla, Valdelagrana), the most natural and exotics (Levante, CangrejoRojo, Ancla) to thecalmer bays with their special charm (La Muralla, Aculadero) you sure can find one that suits you. You’ll have more than 3200 sunny hours though out the year to enjoy 365 of the most beautiful sunsets.




The enviroment: El Puerto  enjoys the priviledge of being surrounded by natural parks of great value such as the  ’Natural Park of theToruños’ with over 1,000 Ha of extension, the Periurban Park ’Dunas de San Anton’ with immense pine forests (70 ha) which reach all the way up to the sea shore, or the Salinas which has a great tradition in the production of seasalt. All this makes El Puerto de Santa María ideal for the practice of sports and outdoor activities such as cycling, surfing, kite, sailing, kayaking, and otherwatersports, horseriding, various activities for children. The waterpark ’Aqualand’ is nearbytoo.



History: Phoenicians, Romans, Muslims, merchants of  the New World and a long list of characters have been or lived in El Puerto de Santa María. Between 1483 and  1486 the house of Medinaceli welcomed  Christopher Columbus in preparation for his first voyage to the New World and here he met with Juan de la Cosa, the owner of the ship 'Santa Maria' – Nao Capitana of the expedition recruited in this town. Later, in 1500, Juan de la Cosa drew the first World Map in this town too.  The relocation of the House of Trade from Seville to Cadiz encouraged the apearence of thePalaces of the merchants of the New World in El Puerto de Santa María. For this very reason, the town is also known as the ’City of the 100 Palaces’.



Monuments: We recommend a visit to the ’Basilica de los Milagros’ (also known as Priory Church), the Castle of Alfonso X 'El Sabio', the Royal Bullring, theFountain of  ’Old Royal Navy’, the Rafael Alberti  Foundation, and a long list of manor houses scattered through out the historic center.



Vines: El Puerto is a city of great wine making tradition, with fine wine as our logo and characteristic, where you can find great wineries like Osborne, Terry, Caballero, other smaller but with a special charm as Obregon, Grant or GutierrezColosía.




Leisure and gastronomy: The cuisine is wide ranged and varied for all prices and public, from cheap tapas to Michelin-starred restaurants. The great repertoire of pubs, restaurants and clubs also guarantee unforgettable night in the most popular party area in the whole southern bay.