- Baobab Hostel -


You’ve already found us on the internet, but to visit us in real life as well, we’ve prepared this maps.

By car: Entering the historic center, it’s very easy, from theN-IV arriving to the bridge that crosses the river Guadalete, you just have to follow the main traffic by Calderon Park, Micaela Aramburu street, and past the Post Office. At the next street turn to the right, down the street 'Moros' which leads to the Plaza de Toros, where you can park easily and weare right there; on the corner of the streets ’Moros’ y ’Pagador’.



By bus/train: After getting off of the train or bus at the station the shortest road leads right over the avenue in front, and taking the street  ’Cielo’ in a 20 minute pleasant walk until the Plaza de España where the Priory Church is located. After crossing the square, take the street ’Pagador’ which leads right to the Plaza de Toros.



By boat / from Cadiz: the road is very simple, the street ’Moros’ starts right at the maritime station and leads right to thePlaza de Toros where our Hostel is located. No more than a 5 minute walk.